Some Autobots have arrived on planet earth and they are in Turkey, hopefully with no Decepticons in sight.

Every fan of the science fiction Transformers movies has, at a point in their fanatic life, wished to own a car that transforms very much like their favorite Autobot. The movies, which were actually inspired by the Hasbro toys, have a collection that would only satisfy toddlers.

However, scientists and engineers at Letvision – who are probably transformers fans – have created life-sized cars that transform into robots – just like Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime!

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The guys at Letvision, who own a fleet of BMWs, turned them into Transformers, exciting everyone who has ever dreamed of being a Sam Witwicky.

letrons transformers

Letvision’s ‘transformers’ are called Letrons. Although the transformation of Letrons are not nearly as impressive as the Transformers – being overly slow in transforming and possessing less dramatic features – the Letrons are nevertheless, quite spectacular.

The cars are in essence, remote-controlled toys. Much like the plastic transformer toys, Letrons come with a controller that can be used to move the car and have it transform into a BMW-bot – every adult geek’s dream.

One of the Letrons called ‘ Tantal’. Megatron, is that you?

The Letrons are capable of speech, moving their arms, wrists, fingers and head. They also feature a sound system with HD LCD, Wi-Fi technologies, interactivity, gear control, among others.

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The four models built are Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tantal. Although no words have been released on these big toys yet, they will no doubt cost an arm and a leg.

Letvision describes itself as a “start-up R&D company spending its knowledge, experience, and material accumulation… in the creation of innovative and new products.”

Source: There Are Life-Sized Transformers In Turkey – No, We Are Not Kidding

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