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How do you start a YouTube Channel? One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked BUT this is not a question that has a simple 1,2,3 answer. Being a YouTuber is a FULL TIME JOB! It’s not as easy as it may look. Here are the Top 6 things I think you need to know before even THINKING about creating a YouTube channel.

Vlogger Equipment Suggestions: (All can be found on Amazon)
Camera: Cannon Rebel T3i
Other great options: Cannon 70D , Nikon and Sony A5000
3 Point Lighting Kit (Amazon) some come with backdrops!
Diva Ring Light
Cannon Remote
Backdrops- fabric from any fabric store
Microphone- stock iPhone App
Rode Microphone Lavalier Kit (Rode has many great microphone options)
External Hardrives (1TB or 2TB)
Extreme SD Cards

Editing Software:
iMovie- stock program on MAC computers

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