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Ah its finally Surgery day! This is the day where the actual breast augmentation goes down. I just want to thank my doctor and his staff my experience was wonderful and everyone was so very nice. So welcome to episode three of the boob vlog.

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Consultation: July 31,2017
Pre-OP: August 1,2017
Day of surgery: August 2, 2017
Procedure: Approximately 1 hour
Height: 5″5
Weight: 130lbs
Pre-OP bra size: 32B
Implant: Gummy Implant
Size: 485cc
Texture: Smooth round / High profile
Incision: Inframammary Incision
Placement: under the muscle
**For pricing please contact the doctor’s office. They also have financing available.

Doctors Information
Dr. Kurkjian


I absolutely love my doctor and his staff I highly recommend him to everyone!

This surgery/procedure was not sponsored I’ve fully paid for the whole surgery with my own money. I’ve also received permission from my doctor to film the procedure for my vlog for do

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