My high protein full day of eating showing what types of foods you can eat to gain muscle and lose body fat along with my bodybuilding food shopping and musclefood giveaway.

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Cutting Season:

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IIFYM Full Day of Eating:

Full Day of Eatings Like A Bawse! | UK Fitness Vlogs – YouTube

UK Full Day of Eating fitness vlogs, showing some of the foods I eat!

Bodybuilding Food Shopping:

Bodybuilding Food Shopping | Bodybuilding on a Budget – YouTube

My Bodybuilding Food Shopping series, cheap and affordable foods. Bodybuilding on a Budget Food Shopping

Bodybuilding Splits/Routines:

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My cutting season episodes are about showing how average people can get in shape and get lean by following a structured workout and clean diet.

Your friendly neighbourhood uk black fitness vlogger :). The channel is now called Chillin With TJ (Chilling With tj) but it was previously called Pure Muscle Gains (PMG), it is a UK Fitness vlog channel showing our Fitness journey & Life. We have meal prep videos, instructional video and of course many fitness vlogging videos for you to watch and even normal Day in the life videos.
Me encanta el gimnasio!

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Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program.

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