CURL TYPES! Type 3 Curls vs Type 4 Curls! So excited to have my special guest Ellie aka @DopeCurlzz on this episode of Curl Talk to talk about Type 4 Hair and how to maintain it. Is YOUR hair more similar to mine or Ellie’s? What are your curl tips for your curl pattern? Comment Below!

Want to know which products work for TYPE 3 HAIR vs TYPE 4 HAIR?? Watch our video on @DopeCurlzz channel to see which products work and which products don’t!

THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR : Type 3 Curls vs Type 4 Curls

What are the best hair products for your Curl Type Pattern ? Today BiancaReneeToday (Youtube Hair Guru) and I will be talking about our favorite curly hair products with you all. We will be touching on the main likes and dislikes of certain products.

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